Villa Miotti de Braida was rebuilt to a design by architect Cesare Miani, after the First World War, on the ruins of the old mansion, which was destroyed by bombs from an Austrian airplane, some days before the retreat of Caporetto.

During the second war, the villa received an important center of German transmission.

“In his ancestral home, in the quiet of his beloved Borgobello Tito Miotti, between 1953 and 1993, drew from ancient records and artifacts, the history of over four hundred castles and forts of Friuli” reads the plaque affixed to the main elevation of Villa Miotti.

Giovanni Miotti’s father, Tito published the large volume of Friulian Nobility Mobile and other books, but the fundamental work for which Prof. Miotti has acquired an authoritative position in the history of Friulian culture, are the seven mighty volumes of Friuli Castles.

On 6 May 1976 the tragic earthquake rendered uninhabitable the villa. It took more than one year of work to ensure that the villa regained its original appearance with a high degree of seismic safety.

In 2005 Saadi Ghaddafi chose Villa Miotti de Braida as the home of his football days Friuli and settled there for a year and a half.

In these years the current Miotti family has decided to offer to its international guests, a friendly unusual and refined hospitality.

The old Miotti family. From right, standing Tito, sister Pia with her husband, sister Mary and brother Elio. First sitting from left Lino, the older Tito brother, with his wife, the mother Teresa, the little Luigi (Pia’s son) and Giovanni Miotti (Tito’s father) that so much wanted this Villa like it is.

The Miotti family of today. Standing, from left Giovanni (son of Tito), Nicola and Filippo. Sessions, from right, Caterina and Cristina, in her arms the little Pia.